Saturday, March 3, 2012

Six of Six Part II

So, Nevernude of Nevernude's Blog tagged me for the Six of Six! (2nd time lol).  I've got more screenies and pics so this should be a little more fun!  Posted two since I sorted by date and by name...makes it a little more interesting!

 This one came from a few days ago.  My daughter needed Mazz to complete her set, Pink Lovebird, Mulgore Hatchling, and now Mazz.  Looks great when you have all 3!
This one was from Naxx 25 achieve run.  I used critter bites to make Mr Bigglesworth my pet.

Tagging back Akabeko  from Red Cow Rise on this!

Also tagged are:

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Hope to see you post!

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  1. Mazzranache and her babies!! One of my favorite rarespawns :)