Friday, October 14, 2011

How to get kicked from a pug

So, who does not want to pull 30k DPS?  I think everyone does, but this time I charged in, let the tank get aggro for 2 secs then hit Recklessness and Bladestorm.

Was Überfun until I pulled aggro and died 4 secs after Bladestorm wore off!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More 85 action

Well, I have busy of late...up to 12 85s I have leveled, the two most recent are on my 2nd account.

Shastaa (shaman) and Aquamoon (druid) both hit 85 a few days apart...already both have decent gear and can do heroics...if I ever have time for them.  They are backups if we ever need them I guess.

Next toon will be the 80 Death Knight...not going to touch any other toon until 4.3!
I can dual box shamans but I am not used to it yet so I average only 7-8k dps with them.


I did use the PVP system to level up two other toons to 85 and I'll tell you, Alterac Valley is full of botters.  Since I am in Korea (literally the other side of the world), I have to play during off hours.  That means 25-30% of the people in AV are bots.

It sucked because botters can't use strategy.  They don't listen when you cry for help at TP.  Botters go the the field of strife and attack anything that rides by.

I put in a hoop of tickets...maybe I'll share them later!

Max Cooking Skill!

That's right! Maxed my cooking skill...cheeseburger, bacon, and pepper jack...all in extreme portions.

Co-workers have a betting pool for when I will die of a heart attack.

Sorry for lack of updates

Fun police at work blocked the site where I did the majority of my work.

I did have an interesting ticket last night I just had to share:

Well, after hitting 85 in a most glorious boss killing random regular dungeon ending fashon, I took it upon myself to hit Tol Barad. Having ZERO resil of course I knew it would be challenging, however I know many a player online at this time and we stuck together...AND WON!

The sad part is that I died once at the western tower by a horde lock. He apparently also killed another player too. I rezzed immediately after that and went to ICG where our steadfast defense led to a stunning victory with only five people in TB.

The even sadder part is that the horde lock logged to a level 5 toon named Tempalli and proceeded to verbally harass me, asking me such questions as "was I this shitty resto druid at west tower?" among other things. I told him I did not appreciate his profanity and that I just hit 85 45 mins before.

I finally told him that if could not articulate himself properly, he needed to go back to school or sleep, depending on his age...

As he asked me "who was the ^%#@ (i have mature filter on most of time) tard laughing at WV?" I reported him and ignored him.

Sorry to waste your time reading such a long story, but things like this really tick me off. I don't pay $15 a month to have my playtime wasted. I've wasted enough of mine with this ticket already and my time is quite valuable.

Please pepe-slap this guy for me.