Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sorry for lack of updates

Fun police at work blocked the site where I did the majority of my work.

I did have an interesting ticket last night I just had to share:

Well, after hitting 85 in a most glorious boss killing random regular dungeon ending fashon, I took it upon myself to hit Tol Barad. Having ZERO resil of course I knew it would be challenging, however I know many a player online at this time and we stuck together...AND WON!

The sad part is that I died once at the western tower by a horde lock. He apparently also killed another player too. I rezzed immediately after that and went to ICG where our steadfast defense led to a stunning victory with only five people in TB.

The even sadder part is that the horde lock logged to a level 5 toon named Tempalli and proceeded to verbally harass me, asking me such questions as "was I this shitty resto druid at west tower?" among other things. I told him I did not appreciate his profanity and that I just hit 85 45 mins before.

I finally told him that if could not articulate himself properly, he needed to go back to school or sleep, depending on his age...

As he asked me "who was the ^%#@ (i have mature filter on most of time) tard laughing at WV?" I reported him and ignored him.

Sorry to waste your time reading such a long story, but things like this really tick me off. I don't pay $15 a month to have my playtime wasted. I've wasted enough of mine with this ticket already and my time is quite valuable.

Please pepe-slap this guy for me.

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