Sunday, February 26, 2012


Plenty of Achieves today!  Sitting at 8590 total!

Offered to run a few friends through BC heroics as I had not run them in awhile.  They declined and what happened?

Chickenmount dropped!  (Daughter was mad!)

Anyway, two week exercise starting, will be plenty busy.  I'll probably do a BG or two a day and crash.  13 hour shift suck the life outta me.


Saturday, February 25, 2012


Getting there!  Picked up some "easier" ones a few days ago but have been sidetracked enough I could not post them.

Figure I can get 9-10 more today if try!

Day 05 – Favourite item(s) in game

Favorite Item...this is gonna be a easy one!

I think its the item I farmed BRD for over and over until I got it. And this was before the portals were added in in 4.0 so something.

Ambassador Flamelash drops the Circle of Flame.  Awesome item with a 5% drop rate.  While it is not transmogrifiable for a druid, I will still throw it on just to strut around Stormwind.

I've had a total of two of these drop.  Second one I was running my daughter's priest and Viola!  She got a nice epic drop.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 04 – Your best WoW memory

What is my best WoW Memory?  That's a tough question since I have done so much.  With 10 85s, I've seen just about everything except Ragnaros H25 (and then some!).

I can fondly recall a Kara run with some lower level guildies.  It was me at level 80 along with our raid healer, Teetsman. Sadly her toon is not online anymore, but I assume she'll be back eventually.  We one shotted everything, with absolutely no one dying.  The best part was Prince Malchezaar though.  When I charged and started to tank him against the wall, the random number god struck, dropping an inferno right on us.  All lowbies died instantly.

I had to move Prince 5-6 times as he was hell bent on wiping Teets and I.  Prot warriors at level 80 didn't do the fantastic DPS they do today (even with gear inflation taken into account).  Needless to say, 9 minutes later, Prince fell to my blade (and a few flame shocks from Teets) and we looted!

I'd say the floor on the top of the tower was about 60% covered by infernos.  I've repped out with 5 toons so far and am still working the rest though mount farming.  This WoW memory would be easily replaced if the mount dropped.  I've only seen it once :(

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW

My first day playing Wow…jeez that would be back in Dec 2006.  A few of the guys I worked with played and told me to try it out.  I think the game I was playing pretty heavily before that was Sword of the Stars, which I still load up and tool around with. Back to WoW, I had no idea WTF I was doing back then. I started a Human Warrior and probably died 3-4 times trying to figure it out.  I think I made 6 levels in 2 hours, which by those standards in 2006 was pretty good.

I didn’t know about flight paths, mounts, or that only night elves could jump and do a flip.  I was also insanely jealous that a hunter could rapid fire a ranged weapon.

I also didn’t have much help from my friends as they were in the mid 30s, mad intent on leveling.  The guild I was in with them was called Shadow Guardians and with the Burning Crusade coming out, they were splitting the guild into two halves, under 40 and over 40.  That idea seemed pretty stupid to me so I quit and went guildless for a month or two.

That about sums it up!  With all the hardship and lack of help I wonder why I kept playing, but I glad I didn’t. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Six of Six

Well, Redcow over at Red Cow Rise tagged me for the Six Meme set in motion by Gnomeaggedon. The rules are simple:
Go into your image folder.
Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
Publish the image!
Challenge six new bloggers.
Link to them.

I've got a fresh install of WoW on this computer and lost some files due to a HD crash.  In short, I spent 15 hours over two days figuring out what was wrong before I removed HD from USB case, inserted it into tower, formatted, and realised everything I loved was on it.  But since it worked, I was willing to accept the loss...

Back to main topic!  I have only 3 files in my image directory, so I went with last one.  Lo and behold it's a pic from December's Disneyland trip!  Good ole' Splash Mountain!  I had promised the rugrat I'd take her there years ago and finally had the time to get off from work to do it.  Combine that with a week in Vegas and a side trip to Magic Mountain and you get 10 days of fun!

Only bad part about the trip was flying back...sitting in a cramped airline seat for 14 hours sucks!

I'm new to the blogging world so I don't have six people to challenge.  You are more than welcome to post one of your own or I can add you into here with a simple edit!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog

I was searching around the net for something last year and came across Red CowRise.  It is one of my favorite reads, along with Twisted Nether.  Although it is now blocked at work, I still follow it at home while waiting for the LFR timer to count down.  I figured I could write enough stuff to fill a blog, and MAYBE, just MAYBE, someone would read it.  I tank, heal, and DPS, so there is always something for me to write about, test out, or work on.  I love taking screenshots and have about 15 GB saved on my external, some from the early days of my wow playing.  I only wish I had made the time last year to keep up with this and not put it off (April 2011 – Oct 2011 then Oct 2011 to Jan 2012).

Perhaps I will dig up some screens of my toons in their low 30s...

Not quite 9000

Sitting at 8470 achievement points as of tonight...

Had some guildies run through reg heroics and pickup up Deadmines and two achieves while in there.

Getting a little harder to get these day by day.

I'd like hit 9000, just might have to start doing loremaster.  I think that's worth at least 300 right there.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 1 - Introduce yourself

Started this last year and never actually started (if that makes sense).  I’m Sizzlelegs in game, Sarge at work, and because I joined my current guild with my Paladin (Palladude), they call me Pala.  I’ve been in the Air Force since 1989 and am getting ready to punch out.  It’s been real, it’s been fun, and at times, real fun.  I am in South Korea and have been here since Dec 2009.  Before that, I’ve been to Hawaii, Texas, North Dakota, and California.  I’ve also done my time in Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, and Kuwait.  No plans on where we're heading from here but Las Vegas is not out of the question.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

20 Days of Blogging Challenge!

Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog
Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW
Day 04 – Your best WoW memory
Day 05 – Favourite item(s) in game
Day 06 – Your workplace/desk (photo and/or description)
Day 07 – The reason behind your blog’s name
Day 08 – 10 things we don’t know about you
Day 09 – Your first blog post
Day 10 – Blog/Website favourites
Day 11 – Bad habits and flaws
Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time
Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that you admire
Day 14 – This upsets you
Day 15 – Your desktop background (on your computer) and why you chose it
Day 16 – Things you miss (post Cataclysm)
Day 17 – Your favourite spot (in game or outside it)
Day 18 – Your favourite outfit
Day 19 – In your bags/bank
Day 20 – If this was your last day playing WoW, what would you do?

Started this last year and promised myself I would finish it this year!


I fell victim to this today in Ulduar 10.  I'm one achievement away from my proto-drake and the only thing I need  is Disarmed!

4th week in a row I go in for the raid and 4th week in a row, these jackasses screws it up.  We're in vent, RL and I explain exactly what must happen.

What happens?  Chest dies with both arms at 65%.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Looking for new Guildies

Talked with our GM (Tealin) about this idea and he is all for it.  I want you to roll a DK on the Alliance side of the Azgalor PVP server.

If you join our guild and level to level 70, we will pay you 1000g.  Ordo Solaris is a social raiding guild.  We're looking to progress but we are not the guild that will wipe 400 times straight on Heroic Rag 25 just get a world first.

We're level 25, have 7 tabs and are almost to the 8th.  You can post a reply here with your toon name or hit me up when I am online.

I can invite on most toons and I do not mind swapping over to my main to invite you if needed.  I have several toons on the alt account who are in the mid 60s so runs are not out of the question either.

I enjoy running toons through instances as long as I get rep.

Give Ordo Solaris a try.  You just might stay!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I hate arenas

But I got a win!  My 3rd ever!  Yay me!  Big thanks to Mark for the invite and quick win.

Sadly we lost the next two...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Douchebaggery at its finest

Everyone knows that in LFR you can need on whatever you want, as long as you can need.  That's why Blizz made the need/greed system.

But today, after my 19th boss on 5 toons, I finally won something.  I had queued as a healer for 2nd part of LFR and was doing quite well for being in mostly blues (357 gear). On the first boss, chest dropped and a feral druid wearing a 397 chest won the roll.  I was like WTF...but its the old offspec bullshit excuse.

So on the Madness of Deathwing (last boss) I won the roll for Maw of the Dragonlord and the idiot actually had the balls to ask me to trade it.  Screenshot below as well as my reaction.  Names NOT changed to indict the guilty.

Seeing Pink

Ground for three hours tonight, enough to get me and the rugrat the lovebird mount.  Thought the screenshot was quite nice!  The small pic size does NOT do it justice.

I don't think I'll be getting anymore mounts, it's tedious to farm the charms.  25-35 per day from dailies will keep me sane, farming 1000 over 3-4 hours is nuts.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Did he just say that?

I really hate to dime out friends, but I have a few that say just the funniest things.  I wind up screnshotting many things, mostly for reference later, but these two take the cake.

First of all, WTF is a Horde Worgen?  I never got an answer to this.
On the other hand, I ain't received my frequent flyer card as well.  I did many of these acheives for lunar festival BEFORE you could fly, so I don't wanna hear it.

Busy week...

Sorry, RL got the best of me this week, only had an hour or so a day and that I used for Love Dailies and farming charms.

I did find a nice place to farm them in reg Halls of Lightning.  DK or Feral Kitty works great at level 85.

I also stole a Love Bird from the AH at 12k gold.  Horde side on Azgalor they are going for 40K and up.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cross-Realm Raid Event!

Cross-Realm Raid Event!

Twisted Nether is hosting a cross realm Ulduar 25! Check it out!

Big Cauldron of Battle

We got it...

Thanks to all that helped farm...Roselea, Mickdundee, Sheelar, and Cloudku!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love is in the Air Guide!

Be Mine!

The Bag of Heart Candies can be purchased for the low price of two Love Tokens at any Lovely Merchant (located in major cities). If you don't get the specific candies that you need from one bag, just buy another, and keep doing so until you've nabbed them all. While it's theoretically possible to get all eight candies you need from just one bag, the odds of this happening aren't high. Most players wind up buying three or four bags to get everything they need.

Dangerous Love

This is a short but fun quest line that will involve running around Stormwind (for the Alliance) or Orgrimmar (for the Horde) on a goblin NPC's bidding to investigate the recent goings-on of the Crown Chemical Company. If you don't start off in either city, an NPC in any other major city (located around that city's designated "holiday area") will direct you there via Uncommon Scents (Alliance) or Uncommon Scents (Horde). Quest progression after that is as follows:

Something Stinks (Alliance) or Something Stinks (Horde)
Pilfering Perfume (Alliance) or Pilfering Perfume (Horde)
Fireworks at the Gilded Rose (Alliance) or Snivel's Sweetheart (Horde)
Hot On The Trail (Alliance) or Hot On The Trail (Horde)
A Friendly Chat... (Alliance) or A Friendly Chat... (Horde)

After finishing the quest line, the goblin will offer you a daily quest to kill Crown Chemical Company NPCs and disable one of their chemical vats, but where the quest sends you will depend on your character's level. Once you've finished the daily for the first time, you'll get your achievement.

Fistful of Love 


Getting a Handful of Rose Petals is easy enough; they're sold in quantities of five for two Love Tokens at any Lovely Vendor, and you'll need 11 Handfuls to nail all the race/class combinations listed for the achievement (so bank on spending six Love Tokens). The extras won't go to waste; you'll need one for Flirt With Disaster (see below), and you can always use the three extras to annoy your friends.

The real trouble is going to be finding the less common race/class combinations, and on most servers it's the effort to find a troll rogue that'll drive you up a wall. As with all the holiday achievements concerned with tracking down race/class combinations, Fistful of Love is probably going to be more difficult in Cataclysm now that there's no neutral city for both factions to occupy. Your best bet is probably to hang around a popular area for dailies or questing (e.g., the Temple of Earth in Deepholm) -- or, failing that, flying directly to an enemy city and hoping for the best.

What I did for the Christmas Achievement with snowflakes was make 4 free to play accounts and make different horde rogues.  I then bribed a player who had a mage on the horde side to port each toon to Orgrimmar.  Once there, each toon was parked safely outside, away from guards.

Flirt With Disaster (Alliance) or Flirt With Disaster (Horde)

You'll need another Handful of Rose Petals for this one, in addition to some booze and perfume (the different varieties of which are sold by Love Vendors for one Token each).

If you're Alliance, toss on some Perfume, buy enough alcohol to get "completely smashed," and stumble your way over to Sraaz, the gnomish pie vendor who paths around the Great Forge in Ironforge.

If you're Horde, toss on some Perfume, and BEFORE you go to Undercity for this achievement, make sure you stop and buy alcohol elsewhere. Curiously enough, there doesn't seem to be any alcohol available in Undercity; you'll have to bring some with you, fly to Tarren Mill, or -- because the Lunar Festival is still on -- walk upstairs to the Lunar Festival area to purchase some. Jeremiah Payson, the cockroach vendor, is located under the bank steps.


Once you speak to Kwee Q. Peddlefeet in any major city for the daily quest concerning a Lovely Charm Bracelet gift for various faction leaders, he'll give you a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit. This will enable you to collect Lovely Charms from any non-gray mob you kill (or any non-gray mobs that dies to another player while you're grouped), and you can make one Lovely Charm Bracelet for each 10 Lovely Charms you collect. Consequently, you'll need 120 Lovely Charms total for this achievement, which -- if you don't go out farming for them on their own -- amounts to three days' worth of dailies giving bracelets to faction leaders.

I Pitied the Fool 

Bleh. I'm not a fan of the PvP achievements, but oh well. Fortunately, doing this tends to be more travel-intensive than difficult. The Love Fool can be purchased from any Lovely Vendor for 10 Love Tokens, but the catch is that the item's a one-use only deal. As a result, you'll need to shell out 50 Love Tokens in order to get this done, but it's as simple as dropping a Fool, targeting it, and typing /pity in your chat box (or, for convenience's sake, creating a macro to do the same).

If you're doing this achievement at the same time as a few buddies or guildies, multiple players can use the same Fool, so you don't necessarily have to pay for all of them yourself. Have a friend drop a Fool, everyone around can /pity it, then you can move on to the next spot.

The locations are as follows:

  • Arathi Basin blacksmith Make sure you see the "Blacksmith" zone title flash on your screen before you drop this, but this is easy -- you should be able to drop it just about anywhere on the central island in AB and get credit.
  • Battle Ring of Gurubashi Arena The Gurubashi Arena is located in Stranglethorn Vale north up the road from Booty Bay. You'll need to enter and drop down from the spectator stands into the ring below in order to get credit for this. Bear in mind that the battle ring is a free-for-all PvP area -- you can be attacked and killed by any player in the game here, even those of your own faction.
  • Culling of Stratholme You do need to be inside the instance. Whether it's normal or heroic doesn't matter, but you have to be at least level 75 to enter the normal version (and 80, obviously, for heroic).
  • Naxxramas As with Culling of Stratholme, you need to be inside Naxx to get credit for this (where doesn't matter). If you're not planning on running Naxx, group up with a buddy or two, convert the group to a raid, zone in, drop the Love Fool, /pity it, and be on your merry way.
  • Wintergrasp Location doesn't seem to matter here; as long as you're in the WIntergrasp zone, you'll get credit.

100K and then some

Well, I made my gold and well exceeded the 100K mark.  Actually did this about 3 days ago, but work has been a killer.  For you purists, this 100K does not count as it is split between horde and alliance but you know what?

I don't care!


How did I do it?  Farming herbs and ore of course, but I was able to transfer 9 Lunar Lanterns to the horde side of the AH and sell them for 12-20k each.

Woot!  Next year, you too can make a killing!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WTF! No Lag!

After the earthquake in Japan last year I noticed my latency was way down.  Since I am playing from South Korea, it's a fairly long connection. I managed while in the dorms about 300-350, but after moving into the towers with the family, it went to 400 or so.  The earthquake did not help either as I averaged 500-700.  Try healing with that!

Just noticed over the last week or so its been way down...perhaps it is time to start raiding full time?

Getting there!

Just made 80 flasks...not too hard as I had my daughter helping me farm!  I hit Shimmering Expanse and she hits Uldum.  Between us, we can make probably 100 flasks an hour if we try.  Ordo Solaris has been the best guild so far I've been in (since Dec 2006).

Not sure if I will ever truly raid but the cauldron will help the guild!

Cash Money

So, going for 100k this time.  I would have had it before but got sidetracked with buying mounts and other things I need...or was it the Vial of the Sands I bought for my daughter?

Anyway, our guild needs to hit the 3000 flask achieve and get the big ass cauldron of battle. We're 153 away thanks to me, and with each flask selling for 130g or so, I am making a tidy profit.

Will update you at 75k.