Friday, February 10, 2012

Busy week...

Sorry, RL got the best of me this week, only had an hour or so a day and that I used for Love Dailies and farming charms.

I did find a nice place to farm them in reg Halls of Lightning.  DK or Feral Kitty works great at level 85.

I also stole a Love Bird from the AH at 12k gold.  Horde side on Azgalor they are going for 40K and up.


  1. 12K oh my god!! That's quite a steal indeed! I'm hoping to farm up the tokens myself, since I dropped 10k to get the alliance lunar festival lantern pet. Although I do have an extra Horde version to sell; maybe I can make some money back.

    Also, I think your rss feed is linking to mine and not yours in the sidebar!

  2. I was selling Lunar Lanterns for 15-20k on horde side. I still have 4 left I need to get rid of!

    I'll mail your package tomorrow!