Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog

I was searching around the net for something last year and came across Red CowRise.  It is one of my favorite reads, along with Twisted Nether.  Although it is now blocked at work, I still follow it at home while waiting for the LFR timer to count down.  I figured I could write enough stuff to fill a blog, and MAYBE, just MAYBE, someone would read it.  I tank, heal, and DPS, so there is always something for me to write about, test out, or work on.  I love taking screenshots and have about 15 GB saved on my external, some from the early days of my wow playing.  I only wish I had made the time last year to keep up with this and not put it off (April 2011 – Oct 2011 then Oct 2011 to Jan 2012).

Perhaps I will dig up some screens of my toons in their low 30s...

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