Thursday, February 16, 2012

Looking for new Guildies

Talked with our GM (Tealin) about this idea and he is all for it.  I want you to roll a DK on the Alliance side of the Azgalor PVP server.

If you join our guild and level to level 70, we will pay you 1000g.  Ordo Solaris is a social raiding guild.  We're looking to progress but we are not the guild that will wipe 400 times straight on Heroic Rag 25 just get a world first.

We're level 25, have 7 tabs and are almost to the 8th.  You can post a reply here with your toon name or hit me up when I am online.

I can invite on most toons and I do not mind swapping over to my main to invite you if needed.  I have several toons on the alt account who are in the mid 60s so runs are not out of the question either.

I enjoy running toons through instances as long as I get rep.

Give Ordo Solaris a try.  You just might stay!

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