Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Six of Six

Well, Redcow over at Red Cow Rise tagged me for the Six Meme set in motion by Gnomeaggedon. The rules are simple:
Go into your image folder.
Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
Publish the image!
Challenge six new bloggers.
Link to them.

I've got a fresh install of WoW on this computer and lost some files due to a HD crash.  In short, I spent 15 hours over two days figuring out what was wrong before I removed HD from USB case, inserted it into tower, formatted, and realised everything I loved was on it.  But since it worked, I was willing to accept the loss...

Back to main topic!  I have only 3 files in my image directory, so I went with last one.  Lo and behold it's a pic from December's Disneyland trip!  Good ole' Splash Mountain!  I had promised the rugrat I'd take her there years ago and finally had the time to get off from work to do it.  Combine that with a week in Vegas and a side trip to Magic Mountain and you get 10 days of fun!

Only bad part about the trip was flying back...sitting in a cramped airline seat for 14 hours sucks!

I'm new to the blogging world so I don't have six people to challenge.  You are more than welcome to post one of your own or I can add you into here with a simple edit!


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