Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 11 – Bad habits and flaws

I’m not perfect…I don’t think anyone is.  I’m guilty of being distracted at times as a healer and getting a player or two killed.  With the ease of LFR, even my crap geared elemental shammy has healed with way through with 11k heals (yes I am a baddie). 

Also, see bating in a previous post (Day 8 #8).  While it might not be a bad habit, some players make it too easy to report them.  While I could sit back and click report player, I’m willing to take the time to screen shot it, open up, and complete a real ticket and upload the screen.

Lastly, I am also guilty of using PVP gear to inflate my gear level to get into raid finder.  

Should I change the name of my blog to Baddie McBad’s Tale of Fail?

ps almost made a personal guild that was named "fails at failing"

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