Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 08 – 10 things we don’t know about you

Wow, then things you don’t know about me…this is gonna be fun!  I am going to try to concentrate on in game stuff.

1.       I did not spec any toon as a healer until the middle of 2009.  Primus Pilus, my guild at the time, needed a druid healer and I was the only one with a level 80 druid.  Needless to say, it took about a week to get decently geared to where I could handle heroics.  From there, it was ICC all the way.
2.       I once had two shaman on Azgalor, first being Hooahmiester, and the second being Shamaneggs.  I had both to level 40 before I realized having two was kinda useless.  I had Hooah’s enchanting to 225 and nothing done on Eggs.  Although I liked the name Shamaneggs better (plus it was a drooltastic Draenai female), Hooah had more work put in and was not deleted.
3.       I have never seriously played a horde toon, other than a DK I rolled on Akabeko’s server.  I have a Tauren DK named Inthemood, a take on Cow/Moo and a favorite song by Rush.
4.       I have never, ever, botted or bought gold.
5.       In addition to reporting botters (mining/herbing), I actively camp them for free honor (while a ticket is sent in).
6.       I have two guild banks on my second account, down from four I had at one time.  The Echo, Death by Alliance, Likes to Gank Lowbies, and damn…I cannot remember the fourth one.  I still have Echo and Death, each with 4 tabs.  I only let Real Friends in so they can use it for personal storage.
7.       I’ve never server transferred, free or paid.  I have seriously considered it at times.  If Blizzard ever offers transfers off Azgalor PVP to a PVE server, I might be gone for good.
8.       I will occasionally bait players into breaking the TOS.  Perfect example is where some jackass is taking trash in trade/raid/party, I will politely ask them to refrain from using profanity.  Remember, the key word is polite.  Once they reply back directly to you with something like” %$#! *&@# *&@$” they are done.  Sometimes it is too easy! 
9.       I occasionally play the Auction House to make money.  While I could do dailies, I get burned out after 3-4 days of this.  With 10 85s, it gets old pretty quick.  I also get burned out after 3-4 days of doing nothing but playing the Auction House.
10.     I am looking forward to the pet battles portion of Mop!

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  1. I have two personal guild banks too! The weird thing is that only I use them >_> One used to be for storing the items I needed to complete The Insane, and the other is for random mats and items I keep around for alts.

    I love that you bait people into violating the TOS. So perfect XD