Monday, March 19, 2012

ITS OVER 9000!!!!

Well, had an epic weekend!  The people were on that I needed and they were cheevo-hungry as well. I was able to bust out a few achieves here and there across Azeroth and it seems like it all came through.  I'll start piece by piece and go through exactly what I did:

 Started at 8860 after a few rounds of PVP.  Traded a few HKs with a horde friend for City Defender.  Though its not listed, I also got Wrath of the Alliance as well thanks to him.  Separate post on that one coming! (And next big project is Wintergrasp Ranger)

 Since we had Wintergrasp, I gathered the few forces we had and did a quick run through.  Easy stuff, no one died (I think...).  33g each for each boss along with shards to disenchant.  I never got these achieves back in the day because "they are too easy, only got time for one" or some other stupid excuse.

 Correction!  I died in VOA because healer was on phone

Next came a quick Naxx 4 for most of the easy bosses.

Also listed is Less is More.  Had to convince a few guildies that no mount was worth 10 achievement points!
The Hundred Club, was to easy, even at level 80.

Finally Kel'Thuzad died, but had to bring in some hired guns to help.  It allowed us to get Just Can Get Enough as well.

Last acheive I needed came into place when I did a simple fishing quest!  All too easy!
Icing on the cake here, went and bought a mount to celebrate!

Now to get 10K...


  1. Congrats On 9k!

    I recall when I got that some time ago how good that felt but the effort to get there took a lot of time, patience and team work. Hitting 10k is just as entertaining!

    I have only one cheeve to get in naxx then I get it completed... Shocking, our Raid leader learned a method to get it and promises me it's 'easy' Here's hoping.