Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 14 – This upsets you

Trolls…unfortunately I fall prey to them, but alas! I have found a workaround to this.  While trolls lay bait for other people to bite on, I lay counter-bait instead.

You’ll have the standard jackwads in BGs or LFR who spam profanity, racial epithets, etc and are just trying to provoke a reaction.  There is an easy way to fix it!  Simply send them a PM asking them to not use whatever led you to PM them in the first place.  Technically, this is the first step one should always take when dealing with a spammer, troll, jackwad, or whatever.  Start at the root of the problem and work your way up.  If you have ever been in the military, think of it as the Chain of Command.  On server, I’ve PM’ed guildmasters or sent them an in game mail.  This does not always work though as the toon in question might the guildmaster’s alt, FWB, or dealer.  While you can do a ticket in game, it’s best to do one through  It allows 2000 characters and screenshots.  While screenshots can be faked, it does give GMs some reference and solid evidence to prove what happened did.

I’m gonna have to find a screenshot or two of this in action…guess that means as I write this at work, I am planning to do some BGs tonight…it’s Battle of Gilneas weekend I think.  Combined with homework and daughter’s science fair project, playtime is not looking good.

Sorry, no luck finding a screenshot of trolls, they are most likely backed up on a DVD somewhere.

I'll keep my eyes open!

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