Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What was your favorite drop ever from a boss?

Damn, I have had lots of drops over the years, but I think the best one ever was a mount...and not just any mount.

I was on my old deathknight, Craptastic and we were doing a EOE 10 pug.  Naturally, I died first and had to sit out the remaining 7 mins of fun.  Lo and behold the mount dropped, I won the roll, and the Master Looter (reluctantly) gave me the mount.  I recall a few people bitching about it, but winning the roll means you win.

Side track here, I have a friend of a friend who is a Blizz GM.  They hated during Wrath to get tickets of people ninja'ing the OS 10/25 3D burn mount because all that happens is the mount is removed and NO ONE got it.  I had that happen several times to me.  It sucks when boss is at 10% health and RL changes it from Need/Greed to Master Looter.  Something fishy is definitely wrong a that point.


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