Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If you farm instances for mounts/pets, which is your favorite?

I've been farming Setthek Halls for the last few weeks for the mount and it has not dropped at all.

I was farming Magister's Terrace for the mount and pet as well.  I was able to get the mount for myself and my daughter within 20 runs.  In the last seven runs, the mount has dropped twice more but no pet.


I still love the architecture of Magister's Terrace more than any other BC dungeon.  I think it would be awesome for a COD level if someone was so talented...


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  1. It's funny...out of all the times I've run MgT I've seen the pet drop loads of times and never the mount. lol

    (I'm still plugging away at your challenge. Day 7's is up - )