Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leveling is waaaay too easy

In the last four days, I have leveled a toon from 77 to 80 and two to 81.

I like it and I don't...I know MoP is gonna be a bitch at the start and that's not even counting heroics.

I recall a friend tanking hero Deadmines...he said something like this "Trash are like bosses and bosses are like raid bosses".  I guess his pug had wiped five times even before the first boss.

I am playing heavily on my daughter's account, trying to get a few more toons to 85 for the Theramore scenario.  It's money in the bank if we can run it a few times...once we figure the damn thing out!


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  1. Leveling has gotten very easy. I took a DK and leveled him from 55 to 85 in just under 4 days of game time. And, a good portion of that was spent farming cloth to level his Tailoring to max and leveling his mining to max. I hope it doesn't go as quickly when MoP arrives.