Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Guild History

Can you list every single guild you have ever been in?  I can!

Shadow Guardians - first guild ever but no longer exists on Azgalor

DoD - 2nd...was all or ex one person left and I think I know who it is!

Axles of Evil - DoD died and I moved toons to this guild

Epic Fall Out (not sure how this one formed, I think 2-3 major guilds broke up
at once...Swords and Magic being one of them) No longer exists

Lasers and Gypsies (LAG FTW - invited for the hellavit) no longer exists

Jentry Fan Club - (good but I didn't know anyone expect Jentry) only lock joined

Trail Biters - great social guild but dying

Primus Pilus (the great ICC 25 QQ Fest of 2010) - died out

Prisoners of Warcraft - was not for me...thanks for draggin me into this one SHEELAR

Excelsior - Micky's longer exists

Resiliance Will Fix It - Thanks mini but not for me

Ordo Solaris - My current home

The Echo - My guild bank

Death By Alliance - Another guild bank given to me by Sheelar...thanks doll!

Has A Sweaty Nutsack - My rogue's guild for gankers only

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  1. Seeing as how I've been in the same guild, Nighthaven, since around June of 2007 I have no clue what the names were/are of the two previous guilds I was in. Not even sure if they are still around.