Friday, January 27, 2012

Threaten my guild?

It's a pvp server last time I checked, so while flying around Northrend I decided to gank a 76 druid.

Next thing you know I got a PM from a level 1 named Sillysilly, attempted to ask "a priest question" since I was on Cresselia.

 So sure, ask away, I am always willing to help new people!

 Um...I thought this was a priest question, not a pvp question.  But seeing how this is a PVP server, I think I pretty much summed it up.  I even left the word "bitch" off my response!

 So...a threat?  Our whole guild is about to find out?  I am really scared now.  Bring it!

Here he is dead...too bad he was AFK so we could not enjoy the QQ fest that would have errupted.

More later as I plan on killing him multiple times!

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