Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lunar Achievement Cheatsheet

I did alot of elders this year, enough to get me the Elder title on 10 toons.   I always started with Eastern Kingdoms first and hit some of the Cataclym ones at the same time.

While I did not start in Booty Bay, I'd fly south and go to Blasted Lands on the way back.  Fairly simple at times.  I have a 2nd account so I could position toons in certain places to speed up stuff.  I would also hit Sunken Temple, Blackrock Depths, and Lower Blackrock Spire on the way up.  Note, getting the elder in Searing Gorge after LBRS but before BRD makes sense because you can hearth out and fly to Ironforge!

Cape of Stranglethorn 40 72.5 Elder Winterhoof
Northern Stranglethorn 71 34.3 Elder Starglade
Blasted Lands 54.2 49.4 Elder Bellowrage
Swamp of Sorrows 69.1 56.7 Sunken Temple
Burning Steppes 70.1 45.4 Elder Rumblerock
Burning Steppes 53.6 24.5 Elder Dawnstrider
Burning Steppes 21.1 37.3 Blackrock Mountain
Westfall 56.6 47.1 Elder Skychaser
Elwynn Forest 39.8 63.7 Elder Stormbrow
Elwynn Forest 34 50 Elder Hammershout
Searing Gorge 21.3 78.1 Elder Ironband
Dun Morogh 53.9 49.9 Elder Goldwell
Ironforge 28.1 17 Elder Bronzebeard
Loch Modan 33.3 46.5 Elder Silvervein
The Hinterlands 50 48 Elder Highpeak
Eastern Plaguelands 35.5 68.8 Elder Windrun
Eastern Plaguelands 75.75 54.54 Elder Snowcrown
Eastern Plaguelands 27.5 11.6 Stratholme
Western Plaguelands 63.5 36.1 Elder Meadowrun
Western Plaguelands 69 73 Elder Moonstrike
Tirisfal Glades 61.8 53.9 Elder Graveborn
Undercity 66.6 38.2 Elder Darkcore
Silverpine Forest 44.99 41.14 Elder Obsidian

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