Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Better late than never!

Got this two weeks ago but decided to share.  I solo'ed many of these but there were a few I just could not.  Big thanks to Eyesoffury and Mikdundee for the help!


  1. Hi Sizzle! Sorry to hijack your comment thread with offtopic stuff. Welcome back to blogging! I saw you commented on my ring giveaway post - would the ring fit your daughter? If so, you are definitely my first pick to send it to :) Just make sure the size is right and she doesn't have any metal sensitivities!!

  2. I'll check tonight after I get home from work to see if it fits her.

    Do you have a preference for brownie mix? I think the commissary has a decent selection.

    And thank you, for making the first response ever on one of my posts!


  3. Any luck on the ring size? If size 9 is ok, send me a message on the "contact me" form on my site - it's private so you can send your mailing address safely.

    As far as brownie mix goes, anything with "fudgy" or "dark chocolate" in the title >_>

    Again, it's good to see you back in blogging :)