Sunday, April 3, 2011

To catch a hacker

We all hate hackers.  People to lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top.  I tell my daughter the only people worse than hackers are athiests and communists.  Ever since Cataclysm came out, I've been dealing with them in various locations.  It usually starts with me landing flying down to land near a node and a toon pops from under the ground and starts mining.  It can be a level 64 or an 85.  The first screenshot was taken in early feb when I put in a ticket.  I think those toons are now banned, I'll have to check when I get home. 

I got a little more sophisticated with my writing style and began to articulate myself a little better, though it is kind of difficult to do it in under 500 characters.  Hell, try telling a GM someone ninja'ed the OS10 3 Drake burn in under 500 chars! LoL!  I began to research the toons doing the hacking by checking the armory profiles before I put in the ticket...every one of them had maxed mining.  Looking at the feeds, some had earlier achievements that day for other various stuff.  Guess they don't care eh?  I'm more than happy to report them.

Last one here, i didn't get lazy, I was on my way to uldum and decided to catch a few hackers in the process.  I did a /who for uldum and figured the three out there were botting and using a hack to move underground between nodes.  I usually send a test message to them asking some sort of stupid question, in this case, I asked for a port.  Never got a reply back from either of them.  I did send in the ticket eventually, and I'll have to dig up the reply screenshot someday.

I estimate I've reported at least 50 people for doing this.  At times, when I can, I'll use more than one account to send a ticket in, especially if it is a repeat offender or where my first ticket did not go through.

These people not only wreck the economy, the force honest players like us to work harder for something.

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