Monday, August 27, 2012

10 Day Blog Challenge!

You guessed it!  A 10 day blogging challenge...I've got some of these written already, just need the time to sit down and post them!

See the list after the break!

1. What was your first toon and why did you roll that particular class?

2. What naming theme, if any do you use when you roll a new toon?

3. What was the last toon you rolled?

4. What was the last toon you deleted and why?

5. What was the first 5 man dungeon you entered?

6. What was your first raid you entered?

7. What was your favorite drop ever from a boss?

8. If you farm instances for mounts/pets, which is your favorite?

9. If there is one favorite achievement (5 man or raid) you attained, what was it?

10. If there is one raid you will never do again, what is it and why?

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